development / download
version file size 0.21.832 ~199 MB
the full package. includes the java and jsp sources, all build scripts, necessary third party libraries, the compiled binaries and all generated documentation.
compiled binaries (stable releases)
version file size 0.21.832 ~9.83 MB
the compiled binaries.
version file size 0.21.832 ~17.9 MB
the generated javadoc documentation. 0.21.832 ~14.6 MB
a browsable hyperlinked code cross reference. 0.21.832 ~8.69 MB
a code metrics report. 0.21.832 ~291 KB
some statistics and a few development how-tos.
foreign libraries
version file size 0.21.832 ~17.5 MB
necessary third party libraries for development. 0.21.832 ~10.8 MB
necessary third party libraries for executing applications.
version file size 2022 ~12.7 KB
the digital certificates for verification of the authenticity of executable BoarderZone programs. contains samples of a keystore and a policy.
source code
version file size 0.21.832 ~39.8 MB
the java and jsp sources together with the build scripts.