Chapter 2. Usage

Table of Contents

2.1. Scanning for QR- and barcodes
2.2. Image display

Description of how to use the plugin.

2.1. Scanning for QR- and barcodes

By default the image on which the FileHandler was started will be displayed for operation.

By pressing the Scan button, this image will be scanned for any QR- or barcodes and the detected results will be displayed on the right side.

By selecting a region of the image, the scanning will be limited to that region. This allows to specify which code to scan in case an image contains several ones.

If anything was recognized, the image will be overlaid with red lines that connect all key points of the recognized QR- or barcode. If a selection was present when scanning, that rectangle will be highlighted in green.

As a convenience, the Get clipboard button allows to get the current clipboard contents into the image area. This will of course only be meaningful if the (system-) clipboard contains an image, e.g. after a screenshot has been captured or by copying an image in some other application.

Pressing the Reload button will, well, reload the image that was originally used for opening the FileHandler. This might be useful after getting an image from the clipboard or if the underlying image file had been updated with new contents.