Chapter 1. Overview

A simple FileHandler to display images of the formats supported by the Java platform. As of this writing this is known to include PNG, JPG, GIF and BMP. Support for other formats might be added in the future, though this is not under the control of this FileHandler.

Supported images that could be loaded successfully will be displayed and can be zoomed in and out.

Two switches allow to automatically scale an image when the window is resized so it fits in the window (downscale) and whether to increase the size of it if automatic scaling is enabled and the image is smaller than the window (upscale).

It is possible to set the background color and to switch back- and foreground colors by the corresponding toolbar buttons or by selecting the appropriate items from the right-click context menu on the background. Double-clicking anywhere on the background will toggle between back- and foreground color, allow to set the background color when SHIFT is pressed, resp. reset to the default background when CTRL is pressed.

The FileHandler is a pure viewer and thus doesn't support any modification of the loaded data or saving it in any form.