Reload settings

Reload settings — Reload all settings


Reloads all user settings from the properties file.

Depending on the application, the settings can possibly span over multiple files too. This command tries to reload as many of these settings as possible.

In particular, this command reloads configuration settings, variables as well as positions and sizes of dialogs. Depending on the application this can include other things as well.

Under no circumstances the user interface or settings of loggers will be reloaded. Several configuration items will not behave in exactly the same manner as when loaded initially upon program startup, although they get reloaded anyway.

This command sometimes comes to rescue in case the user has misconfigured the application. It might under certain circumstances allow to return to a better and possibly working configuration without having to restart the application. However, this approach is only intended as a kind of last resort and might possibly evoke unintended side effects.