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-- name       : ReleaseNews.txt
-- project    : BoarderZone: Development Environment
-- created    : Leon Poyyayil - 2008-04-09
-- language   : English
-- environment: the human readers mind ... ;-)
-- copyright  : (c) 1990-2018 by Leon Poyyayil (private), Switzerland
-- license    : this is free software licensed under the GPL. see COPYING

This file contains a description of the major changes between builds of the applications which are relevant to end users.
See BuildNews.txt for a more detailed description of these changes and bug-fixes.
See doc/BuildVersioning.txt for a more detailed description of how to read it.

version: 0.19.782
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2018-04-25 00:29:12
status:  alpha
- bug-fixes
- FileHandler plugins:
  - ContactEditor: new plugin to edit vCard files
  - JavaByteCodeEditor: added support for Java 10

version: 0.19.781
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2018-02-13 23:48:15
status:  developmental
- developmental changes only

version: 0.19.780
creator: Leon Poyyayil
created: 2018-02-13 21:47:38
status:  developmental
- bug-fixes
- FileBrowser:
  - added support for saving and restoring the settings of file search windows
  - added file menu entry to open an ImageBrowser with all available directories
- FileHandler plugins:
  - GeoMapViewer:
    - added support for highlighting the GPX tree node selection in the map
    - added support for locating the closest loaded track point in the GPX tree
      by right-clicking it in the map and searching it via command
    - added support for setting an anchor location and displaying the distance
      to it calculated interactively at the mouse position
    - added display of number of waypoints in route/track/segment edit dialog
    - added support for splitting track segments at a selected way point node
    - added support for displaying the meridian grid
    - added automatic statistics collection for GPX files, routes, tracks and segments
      upon tree node selection in separate split panel below GPX browser
    - added support for resetting and interpolating height and time information
    - added support for a configurable display of GPX trace graph chart
  - ImageBrowser:
    - added support for opening with directory
    - added display of EXIF- and other metadata
  - JavaByteCodeEditor: new plugin that replaces JavaByteCodeViewer
  - PCAPEditor: chart image can now be copied to the clipboard from context menu

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