Chapter 3. Audio properties

This tab displays the detected properties of the actual audio data:

The MPEG section contains the technical aspects of the first found MPEG audio frame together with an estimation of the total duration of the audio data, based on that single frame. This estimation will only be accurate for files with a constant bitrate.

The VBR section displays the information found in the Xing or Info Variable BitRate header if one is present. That information allows to determine the exact duration of the audio for files with a variable bitrate without having to scan the entire file first.

The LAME section displays some more information from the Lame tag if one is found in the VBR frame.

The Statistics section will only contain valid information after performing a Full scan on the entire MP3 file. This will also detect some more potential problems in the audio data.

When performing a full scan on the file by pressing the Scan all button in the toolbar, this tab will be made the active one if it is not so already.