BoarderZone GeoMapViewer

Leon Poyyayil

0.21.832 (release)

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A simple FileHandler for viewing geographic maps.

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Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Usage
3. Configuration
3.1. General settings
3.2. Tile provider settings
3.3. Some example configurations
I. Third party libraries
Object Refinery: JFreeChart — Chart Library

List of Tables

3.1. The properties for general settings
3.2. The properties for the scale information overlays
3.3. The properties for the tile cache overlays
3.4. The properties for the tile grid display
3.5. The general properties for provider setups
3.6. The properties for caching providers
3.7. The properties for network backend providers
3.8. The properties for the special offline provider

List of Examples

3.1. Minimal configuration:
3.2. Memory only caching:
3.3. Combined memory and file caching:
3.4. Single setup:
3.5. Multiple setups:
3.6. Offline setups: