Revision History
Revision 0.21.8292022-12-30lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.17.6722016-11-03lep
Added support for a secondary text content filter in directory search window.
Revision 0.17.6702016-07-10lep
Added support for disabling display of unsupported files.
Revision 0.16.6452016-07-09lep
Added support for encoding files to .hex/.b64.
Revision 0.15.6242015-04-26lep
Added support for inversing the matching of file names and content text when searching for files.
Revision 0.15.6232015-04-25lep
Added support for searching for files in directories.
Revision 0.14.5932015-01-31lep
New options to specify a classpath and a list of security providers to install.
Revision 0.14.5902014-09-16lep
  • Added support for multiple sessions.

  • New command to display a screen ruler.

  • Added support for compressing to .gz, .bz2, .lzma2, .xz, .tar, .tgz, .tbz, .txz.

  • New plugins: PackViewer, QRCodeScanner, QRCodeEditor, TarViewer

Revision 0.13.5732014-08-30lep
  • ClipboardMonitor: added a button to clear the clipboard.

  • SystemInformationDialog: added tab with environment variables.

Revision 0.13.5722014-08-22lep
  • Added command to toggle the display of files and directories whose name starts with a dot ("dot" files).

  • Added command to display an AWT event monitor dialog.

  • Added config item "show-open-with" with possible values NEVER, SHIFT, CONTROL, ALWAYS to determine when the "Open with" menu item will be available upon right-click on a file in the file browser window.

  • New plugin: LinuxAcctViewer

Revision 0.12.5482012-04-04lep
New plugin: PGPKeyViewer
Revision 0.12.5442010-04-19lep
New plugin: SVGViewer
Revision 0.12.5432010-04-07lep
  • New command to display an enlarged portion of the screen: show screen zoom.

  • New command to monitor active threads: show thread monitor.

Revision 0.12.5412010-02-08lep
New commands to arrange desktop and open windows to half of available area.
Revision 0.12.5402010-01-19lep
  • "full-screen" is now an application config setting => can be started that way.

  • Added new config setting "always-on-top".

  • Added commands to perform screen captures.

  • Added a command to create a new file from the contents of the clipboard.

  • Added commands to arrange multiple open windows in various ways.

Revision 0.11.5222009-12-25lep
  • ClipboardMonitorDialog: added support for timer based auto-refreshing.

  • Added support for a list of open windows in menu, popup-menu and menu-bar.

  • New plugins: LogFileViewer, TextLineViewer

Revision 0.11.5212009-09-23lep
File templates; Open file command; Compress files and directories into ZIP files.
Revision 0.11.5202009-07-23lep
Command to view contens of the system clipboard.
Revision 0.10.5072009-06-13lep
Maintenance release with support for themes and a lot of new plugins.
Revision 0.10.5062009-06-06lep
Support for fullscreen mode.
Revision 0.9.4822008-06-16lep
Marked paths to system clipboard; Selection of the FileHandler upon Drag-and-Drop.
Revision 0.8.4612008-04-05lep
Completed help documentation.
Revision 0.8.4562007-11-07lep
Initial version.