Toggle show dot files

Toggle show dot files — Enable display of files and directories whose name starts with a dot


Enables displaying of files and directories whose name starts with a dot.

This is a setting which determines whether to display such files and directories in directory browser windows.

The setting is actively maintained in all browser windows. So it will determine the display of already openend browser windows as well as that of windows opened in the future.

When changing the state of this settings, that change will be applied to all currently open browser windows immediately.

By turning the corresponding setting off in the configuration and removing this command from the desktop menu and toolbar, it is effectively possible to prevent the user from ever accessing any dot files and/or directories.

Note: This command is intended to enforce the notion of “hidden” files and directories according to the *nix conventions. On Unix-like operating systems, directories and files whose name starts with a period (dot) are treated as hidden by convention. Because Windows-based systems have a special flag in the file system for that purpose, they will show such files by default. To prevent the user from seeing or accessing such files even on Windows-based systems, this toggle can turn the display off.