Toggle allow modifications

Toggle allow modifications — Enable editing file and directory names and contents


Enables interactive editing of file and directory names and contents.

This is a setting which determines whether to allow changes to files, directories and file contents in directory browser and file handler windows.

The setting is actively maintained in all browser and handler windows. So it will determine the available operations of already openend windows as well as that of windows opened in the future.

When changing the state of this settings, that change will be applied to all currently open windows immediately.

In most file handlers capable of editing file contents, all editing capabilities remain available, independent of the state of this settings. However, they usually disallow saving the changed file contents as long as this setting is turned off. In contrast, browser windows never allow modifying operations to the underlying file system such as renaming files, copying or moving them around and the like.

By turning the corresponding setting off in the configuration and removing this command from the desktop menu and toolbar, it is effectively possible to prevent the user from ever changing any file names, creating directories or changing file contents. This can be very useful for creating an environment which behaves like a Kiosk-application in which the user can do many things but is not allowed to perform any persistent changes to the system.