New Browser Window

New Browser Window — Open a new browser window


Opens a new directory browser window.

The new open browser window will allow access to all configured file system roots. If the set of configured file system roots is empty (e.g. none have been explicitly configured), the new browser window will allow access to all roots currently available from the underlying operating system.

As accessing certain file system roots such as floppy disk drives or the like might be a time consuming operation, it can be advisable to remove them from the list of available file system roots to speed up the time it takes to open a new browser window.

Another reason might be to prevent the user from accessing certain areas of the system. In combination with restrictions on the configuration files this can be used to constrain the user to certain areas (such as her home directory for example).

This command supports an optional parameter in the desktop configuration file which will be interpreted as a single root directory, where the new browser window should start. The string may contain variables. If variable expansion fails or the resulting string doesn't denote an existing directory, an error message will be displayed and no browser window gets created.