Logger console

Logger console — Display the logging console


Displays the logging console window.

The window lists the output of all loggers as they produce it for new events.

The window can be kept open during normal work with the application or it can be hidden away, so as not to clutter up the screen. As long as it is not closed, it will continue to receive all occuring logging output.

Closing the window will discard it along with all output captured so far. As long as a once created (and then possibly hidden) logger console window has not been closed, it will continue to receive all produced output from the loggers. There is no hardwired limit to the size of the captured data and it is important to note that all this information is kept in memory and will thus impact application performance.

In case it has been hidden by pressing the according button, it just will be set visible again by re-executing this command (instead of creating a new window). It is thus not possible to have multiple of these windows open at the same time (trying to open another one will simply activate the already existing one, or set it visible if hidden).

Clearing its contents or adding a separator line only affects the display of the logger console window, not the loggers themselves or any other logging target as for example the operating system console or a log file. The same applies for closing the window.