Select regional settings

Select regional settings — Select regional settings


Allows selection of language and country flavor.

Displays a dialog which allows to select the language and country which define the regional settings.

The selected language determines the texts of messages from the application to the user and the labeling of the user interface. It doesn't affect any output to the logging console as well as many error messages, because these in part originate possibly from a set of most diverse sources.

Changing this setting will only affect new operations. This means already open dialogs and other windows keep their texts in the language previously active. This in particular includes the applications main window with its menu, toolbar etc.

If the goal is to change the main windows language, this requires a restart of the application after the change. Doing this however should ensure the changed language setting gets saved (either explicitly or automatically at program exit). Otherwise the previously active (default-) language will be active again after the restart.