System informations

System informations — Display system informations


Displays various system informations in a dialog.

The dialog contains various different tabs corresponding to different aspects of the application. They are ordered descendingly in respect to their importance resp. how often they are used. So the first tab contains those informations interesting most commonly.

The dialog can be kept open while continuing to work with the application. However, only the informations in the 'Memory' tab are getting refreshed. To update other informations it is necessary to close the dialog an open a new one. Only one such dialog can be open at the same time.

The tab 'Memory' tells about the memory conditions and allows automatic monitoring of those. In addition it provides the possibility for explicitly cleaning up unused memory (perform 'Garbage Collection').

The tab 'Runtime' shows the most important environmental settings of the running applications. This includes the version and storage location of the application itself, the version of the Java runtime environment, the executing user and her home directory, as well as the operating system version.

The tab 'Threads' lists the threads which were executing at the time the dialog was started. It also displays each threads states such as main/background and priority.

The tab 'Packages' tells about the exact version of the libraries making up the application.

The tab 'Config.' lists all application settings with their respective contents. This allows for example to determine where certain settings get loaded from etc.

The tab 'Variables' displays all variables of the application with their respective contents.

The tab 'System' shows all Java 'System properties' with their respective values.

Some of the contents of variables, System properties and configuration settings are redundant and are managed by the application in such a way as to provide the same information for a multitude of uses.