2.6. ASN.1 Analyser configuration settings

Following is a description of all the configuration items specific to this application.

Table 2.1. Application specific configuration items

openoComma separated list of strings <empty>

The BER file(s) to open.  Each entry in the comma separated list specifies a path to a file to open upon application start.

oid-mapoidsString <empty>

Map file with additional OIDs.  Specifies a mapping file which provides the names of custom or otherwise unknown Object Identifiers. See Object Identifier Name Mapping for more information.

recent N/A Comma separated list of strings <empty>

List of recently opened files.  This is just the storage area for the recently opened files. Will not normally be used directly.

recent-count N/A Integer 4

Number of recent files to keep.  Specifies the size of the list of recently opened files to record. That many files will be kept available in the recent file menu.