2.2. Installation

Normally BoarderZone applications can be “installed” by simply unpacking a distribution ZIP file and executing the bundled shell start scripts.

The application jar files have their respective classpaths set up correctly and will thus find all required libraries without need to set any environment variables for setting up a system wide classpath or the like.

However, when manually performing file operations on the unpacked directory structure, these classpath definitions in the jars manifest might not be correct anymore. If this happens, it is strongly recommended to “reinstall” the application by unpacking the distribution ZIP file anew and replacing the damaged installation directory with the freshly unpacked one. Advanced users might be able to correct the failing directory structure manually by comparing it with the structure in the distribution ZIP file.

To find out about the offending missing libraries, starting the failing application in a command line shell which won't disappear after the failure might help: this will normally state the name of the library causing the problem and might thus be a hint at where the problem has its origin.