Chapter 1. Overview

A simple FileHandler to display the contents of arbitrary files as plain text. It scans the files contents for line breaks and displays selected lines of the contents as directed by the user with the scroll bar. As the lines to display are loaded on demand, it is possible to have a quick glance into files of unknown nature - even if they are huge - as it is not necessary to read the entire file into memory.

Detection of line breaks only works well for US-ASCII and UTF-8 encoded files. Other encodings might split lines at inappropriate locations, this is a tolerated misbehavior in favor for speedier access ...

With a toggle for automatic refreshing this FileHandler supports some kind of monitoring functionality, e.g. for log files. If the last line is visible, each update will scroll to the then last line.

The FileHandler is a pure viewer and thus doesn't support any modification of the loaded data or saving it in any form.