Revision History
Revision 0.20.8052021-04-28lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.20.8042020-10-03lep
  • Added support for importing EC keys.

  • Improved chain building algorithm when importing keys.

  • Added detection of certificate validity period mismatches.

Revision 0.20.8032020-06-14lep
  • Added support for .hsm files to handle HSM KeyStores.

  • Added support for .p11 files to handle PKCS#11 KeyStores.

Revision 0.18.7442017-05-14lep
  • Added support for additional MIME types.

  • Changed to prevent changes on read-only cert store instances.

  • Changed to sort entries by alias.

Revision 0.18.7432017-05-12lep
  • Added support for display of more SAN & EKU alternatives.

  • Added support for more SAN alternatives when issuing certificates.

  • Added support for BigInteger serial numbers when issuing certificates.

  • Added support for highlighting entries by string matching.

Revision 0.17.6732016-11-24lep
  • Added display of the truststore file in use in the tooltip of the corresponding toggle button.

  • Added support for setting the CA Issuers within the AIA extension when issuing a certificate in the wizard.

  • Added support for creating EC key pairs and issuing certificates for/with those.

  • When importing a certificate, added support for downloading it from the AIA caIssuers URI of the start entry (the currently selected one).

Revision 0.16.6402015-06-06lep
  • Added support for SubjectAltName extension in wizard.

  • Added support for randomizing certificate serial number.

  • Added support for importing private and secret keys in wizard.

  • Added support for toggling usage of truststore for trust evaluation.

Revision 0.15.6242015-04-26lep
Initial version.