Revision History
Revision 0.20.8052021-04-28lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.18.7452017-05-22lep
Support for disabling raw socket communication and thus support JAAS login modules.
Revision 0.18.7432017-05-12lep
Auto parsing the content upon load to automatically detect SSL mode.
Revision 0.13.5732014-08-30lep
Added support for undo/redo.
Revision 0.13.5712014-08-22lep
Added support for keystore to provide client-auth certificates for SSL.
Revision 0.12.5502012-04-13lep
Added support for SSL/TLS.
Revision 0.9.4862008-08-14lep
Support for scrolling in the toolbar.
Revision 0.8.4612008-04-12lep
Added description of basic functionality.
Revision 0.8.4562007-11-11lep
Initial version.