Revision History
Revision 0.20.8052021-04-28lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.15.6202015-03-18lep
  • Added action to select (and highlight) a range of bytes.

  • Changed behavior of delete action (see Help for details).

  • Added action to set the byte values of the selected range.

  • Added action to insert multiple Hex or ASCII bytes at once, optionally repeating.

  • Added action to search for Hex or ASCII data and highlight the found match.

  • Added action to copy the current selection to the clipboard as Hex string.

Revision 0.9.4812008-05-31lep
Improved insert/delete with key bindings.
Revision 0.8.4612008-04-11lep
Completed help documentation.
Revision 0.8.4562007-11-11lep
Initial version.