Revision History
Revision 0.20.8052021-04-28lep
Current maintenance release.
Revision 0.15.6212015-04-02lep
  • Added status line which shows currently selected category path.

  • Added capability to search for categories in the tree.

Revision 0.13.5712014-08-22lep
Added support for a storage format string for activity timestamps.
Revision 0.12.5452010-10-10lep
  • Changed to display hours in summary table in non-decimal h:mm format.

  • Added possibility to delete a category with all its sub-categories and activities.

Revision 0.12.5442010-04-19lep
Added support for editing the raw source text of the diary.
Revision 0.12.5402010-01-19lep
Added more summary rows.
Revision 0.11.5222009-12-12lep
Added action to deselect current category.
Revision 0.9.4852008-07-24lep
Support for Unicode Byte-Order-Marks.
Revision 0.9.4812008-05-31lep
Support for custom time limits in reports.
Revision 0.8.4612008-04-11lep
Added description of basic functionality.
Revision 0.8.4562007-11-11lep
Initial version.