Chapter 1. Overview

A simple FileHandler which provides a way to create, edit and validate XML data that has been specified using the BoarderZone CoreType library.

This library supports the definition of data structures using a simple yet powerful XML syntax definition. These data structures can then be mapped to database tables or an XML representation by defining such a mapping in another XML file. The data can be represented in a GUI by defining yet another XML file which specifies a “view” onto it.

This FileHandler supports editing the contents of such data structures in the form of XML value files through a GUI which is defined in such “views”.

The definition of the required schema, mapping and view XML files can be accomplished through setting the values of application variables. By the same mechanism it is possible to map file extensions to specific types of the configured schema. This allows to treat XML files with that extension as containing data for that core type and thus edit and validate their contents accordingly.

The thus configured schemas etc will be loaded dynamically by this FileHandler and thus allow for a very flexible and powerful way of working with custom XML data.

As this FileHandler supports modification and saving of the loaded data, it is an editor by nature.