Chapter 1. Overview

A very simple FileHandler which display some basic format information of WAVE and MP3 audio files and provides a display of the wave form for a subset of the possible formats. It directly displays the data from disk without loading the entire file into memory. Interactivity is thus somewhat reduced but this approach allows a quick introspection of even huge music files.

A simple way to play back the audio is provided if the system supports output of the loaded sound. This might not be the case for multi channel audio such as surround sound if no such hardware is present.

Double clicking into the wave display will set the playback cursor to that location and playback will start from there. If the CTRL key is pressed while double clicking, this will add a marker at the clicked position. The previous and next buttons of the player will then move the playback cursor onto these marked positions.

Selection of a range works by holding the SHIFT key while clicking the mouse in the following way: a single click (+SHIFT) will extend an existing selection or create a new one from the playback cursor position. Double clicking (+SHIFT) will select the range delimited by the surrounding markers. Double click while simultaneously pressing SHIFT and CTRL will clear the selection.

Using the mouse wheel on the wave display will zoom in and out and attempts to keep the sample under the cursor at that position.

Click and drag in the wave display will move the displayed section into the direction of the movement.

Limited support for CUE sheet files is provided: only single file CUE sheets which reference a WAVE or MP3 audio file in the same directory are allowed. This will load the audio from the specified file and add markers for all the indices found for all tracks in the CUE sheet file. This allows to jump to the beginning of each track (resp. index) with the previous/next buttons and to select an entire track by pressing SHIFT and double clicking into its audio range.